Love is in the Air

While it may be a Hallmark holiday, Valentine’s Day is the one day a year reserved specifically for romance. It’s the opportune time to remind an old flame that she (or he) still lights your fire or impress a new love with your flair for the romantic. And of course, one of the best ways to a person’s heart is through the stomach.

Even science proves it – the link between food and love is deep-seated in our social and psychological behavior. The two have forever been intertwined, thanks to a complex hormonal reaction that affects our emotional attachments to loved ones – and our need for food.

Certainly, your Valentine’s dinner should go beyond the basic need for food. After all, it’s a lot easier for love to float in the air when the ambience, food, drink and overall dining experience are exceptional. You don’t want your date to be complaining about an over-cooked steak – instead, she should be experiencing the pleasure of foie gras that romances the palate. So, good food goes without saying, but also, the service should complement the romance of your evening. Dishes should be served at an ideal pace to allow you time to sip your wine, experience each course and engage in conversation.

At first light, a dinner out may seem like the tried-and-true Valentine’s evening. But perhaps that’s what makes it so perfect. There’s something quite simple, yet intimate, about sharing a meal with someone. It’s a time to escape other responsibilities and just focus on good food, good conversation – and if you’re lucky, plenty of romance.

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.” – Alan D. Wolfelt

In celebration of romance, Epic Restaurant will offer a special Valentine’s dinner menu, Friday, February 12 through Sunday, February 14.

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