Explore Your Sixth Sense

Food is more than just sustenance. Your dining experience should hit all your senses: taste, touch, smell, sight and sound. And even a sixth sense – it’s something hard to describe – it’s more of an overall feeling. It’s a sensation that strikes a chord with the emotional part of your brain.

A fine dining experience doesn’t have to involve white linen tablecloths. It’s how you feel and how the meal is made memorable for you – how all your senses work together to create an amazing sensation. Whether it’s a special celebration or an everyday meal that becomes something special, a truly fine dining experience is forever seared in your mind and senses.

Take a seat at our table and let all your senses take over … Warm lighting and colors envelope you the moment you walk in. Slide into the smooth leather booth and start your meal with a tasty amuse bouche, as you take in the bouquet of a glass of wine or fresh flowers on the table. All timed to the backbeat of cocktail shakers, quiet music and friendly laughter.

Of course, your sense of taste is especially heightened during that perfect dining adventure. At Epic, we have our own special sixth sense, intuitively knowing how to combine just the right ingredients, in just the right way to create palate pleasing offerings for our guests. Food will naturally hit on one of the five main tastes: sweet, bitter, sour, salty and umami (or savory). It’s how those tastes from each ingredient are intermingled that ultimately results in a delectable dish.

But most of what we perceive as taste is actually because of smell. The two senses are closely related and without both, you wouldn’t be able to experience flavor and enjoy food. That’s why when you’re served a meal like our Rosemary Scented Lamb, you’re first hit with the fragrant aromas of rosemary and garlic, mixing with savory and herbal flavors to create a delicious dish. To really engage your senses, finish your meal with a strawberry sorbet – the taste is light and delicate, but when we create it in our kitchen, the strong, fruity aroma is nearly intoxicating.

No matter what the celebration, big or small, engage your sixth sense and enjoy the perfect harmony of what’s on your plate, what’s around you and who you’re with. And remember: “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf

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